NEW JERSEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced a state of emergency for the entire state and the entire New York metropolitan area.

Christie said he will convene a committee of experts and stakeholders to determine what steps are needed to address the effects of the January 3, 2018 chemical spill that has killed at least six people in New Jersey and New York City.

The governor also said New York and New Jersey will ban all flights from China, as well as passengers from all international airports.

In addition, the governor announced that New York state will begin imposing new regulations on Chinese air travel and hotels in an effort to prevent the Chinese government from using its growing influence over foreign investment to influence foreign governments and economic sectors.

“I’m grateful to Governor Christie for the courage he displayed to step up and take action in the face of such a tragedy,” said Democratic Assemblyman Michael M. Zalewski.

“This is the right thing to do.

The actions that we took as a state are now putting New Jersey on the right path to protect our people and our communities.”

The governor’s executive order will also prohibit state employees and contractors from working on the construction of new facilities in New York, including airports.

It will also require all state employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the state said.

The state of New Jersey is also moving ahead with plans to phase out the use of air-conditioned planes by 2030.

The move, which has already resulted in fewer flights in New Jerseys airspace, is part of the state’s response to the deadly coronaviral pandemic that began in late February.

Governor Christie’s executive orders were issued at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

He also ordered state departments to coordinate with their counterparts in the federal government on how best to respond to the coronovirus pandemic.

Christie has already begun the process of setting up a special public affairs office to respond as quickly as possible to any outbreaks that may occur in New Yorkers’ airways.

The State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has also begun a pilot program that will allow state workers to take a vaccine for coronaviruses to help reduce the spread of the virus in New Mexico.

The Governor’s Executive Order was first announced on Twitter.

It’s been widely shared and retweeted by more than 20,000 people.

Governors executive orders are rarely issued.

They are usually issued with the consent of the legislature and the governor.

In this case, it was signed by Christie on Monday.

The New Jersey state of Emergency will take effect Jan. 16.

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