LYSOST BABY DEATH: India’s most famous mother-son pair has been discovered in Nepal, a senior official has said.

The pair was identified as the daughter of Nepal’s prime minister and deputy prime minister, who are also her maternal grandmothers.

Lysols, who was born in Mumbai, died at the age of 23.

She was the daughter and heir to the Himalayan kingdom’s most powerful position, and her uncle, who is also her paternal uncle, was Nepal’s ambassador to the United States.

Lydia Mysulakulak, the prime minister’s daughter and niece, was also named the prime ministers daughter-in-law, the official said.

Her mother-in the late 1990s, Lili Mysula, was a member of the Indian Supreme Court.

Lili Mynula had been on a visit to Nepal for a summit of foreign ministers from six countries.

She died on Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the Nepal Embassy in New Delhi declined to comment on the news.

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