American Express travel partners are getting more and more excited about the possibility of a World Cup with the American Airlines’ forthcoming partnership with American Airlines, which is a big one.

American is set to announce this week that it has secured a 50-year agreement with American Express to offer travel to and from the 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals, starting in 2018.

The deal will see American Express members pay around $200 for every domestic ticket they buy.

The partnership with the company is seen as a sign of the growth of the airline in the US, as American Airways has become a major player in the travel industry, with its own airline, JetBlue, joining in as a premium partner.

In 2018, American Express announced that it would add 10 more partners to its travel partners list.

With its latest acquisition, American will become one of the first large carriers to offer a 50 per cent discount to domestic flights.

This is a very significant deal, as it means American will be able to offer discounts to domestic customers at a time when the airline is trying to diversify its business away from its core US market.

The airline will also offer a free flight for American Express cards to members of its loyalty program and American Express gift cards.

While American has already begun offering the 50 per half price discount, American also plans to offer the same discount for a maximum of three people, a group of 10 people or 50 people.

This means that American will have the opportunity to offer up to a 20 per cent savings on travel to or from the World Cups when the partnership with an American Express partner is officially announced, as well as to offer discounted rates for the next five years.

However, American Airlines is still not clear on when the 50/50 deal will come into effect.

According to American, the new deal will not affect the discount for first-time travelers who already have an American Airlines credit card, but it will affect the full-time employees of the company.

This is an important development for American, as its members are not only the biggest consumers of American Airlines flights, but also the biggest customers of American hotels and restaurants, as their members are also the top consumers of those things.

There is a lot to be excited about in terms of American’s new partnership with its American Express partners, as the company has been trying to get into the travel business for a while now.

American’s recent purchase of JetBlue is another positive step towards the airline’s expanding business.

It is now able to partner with the top American airlines and offer its customers a discount on flights to and between the US and their home countries.

As part of the deal, Jetblue will now also offer the American Express cardholders a 30 per cent price discount on all flights to the US for two weeks after the World Series.

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