AUSTRALIA’S travel insurance is not quite as generous an amount as it might be.

According to a new report from travel insurer Anz, only 0.6 per cent of Australians are eligible to claim a travel insurance premium.

The report shows that while there are some Australians who have been granted exemptions from the law, those exemptions are only available to a small number of people, including those who live overseas.

The data, obtained by news site Axios, also revealed that the number of Australians living abroad has grown from 12,800 to 17,500 in the past year.

It’s important to note that there are exemptions from travel insurance laws for some groups.

The most popular of these is the wealthy and the well-off.

But the data shows that there is a small group of Australians who do not qualify for travel insurance subsidies at all.

Here are the top 10 Australian earners, according with their estimated taxable income, as of April 2019.

The top earners are:The report also showed that the average amount of income per person that a Australian can claim is $1,200, which is well below the $3,600 tax threshold that is required to claim travel insurance.

The average tax payer is also below the top earners, with a total of $3.8 million tax payers.

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