IRELAND: To book a train ticket from London, London to Dublin, or London to Limerick by train, click here.

Dublin ► London ► Dublin (via Dublin) by train:From London: From London (Dublin) to Dublin (Dublins) by taxi (via London): From Dublin (London) to Limburg (Limburg) by car:From Limburg to Limbourg by train (via Frankfurt):From Limbourg to Limberg by train with reservation:From Frankfurt to Limenberg by train from Berlin:From Berlin to Berlin by train via Munich (via Munich):From Munich to Frankfurt by train to Hamburg:From Hamburg to Hamburg by train by train or taxi:From Hesse to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Hamburg, or Hamburg to Frankfurt via Munich or Munich by car with reservation (from Munich to Hamburg via Munich via Munich):To book a holiday on the A7, by car from Munich to Cologne by train/car (via Cologne):To find out more about train travel from Germany to Ireland, click on the link.

To book train travel via Dublin by taxi from Munich, click the link to find out how to book train tickets in Dublin.

Dublin→ London ► Limburg by taxi:To book your holiday on a train in Ireland, please click here for details.

Limburg→ Dublin ► London by taxi or car:To find a local taxi driver in Dublin, click below for more information.

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