New Jersey has issued an emergency travel advisory for the state’s four major airports and some of the state capitol buildings, which include Newark Liberty International Airport, Hoboken International Airport and Saratoga Springs International Airport.

Affected airports include Newark, Newark Liberty, Newark International, Hobart International and Sarateca.

There are no immediate plans to extend the travel advisories at other New Jersey airports.

The advisories will remain in effect until further notice, the Department of Homeland Security said.

New Jersey has experienced major incidents and terrorism-related incidents this year including a man who was charged with carrying out an attack in Times Square, the bombing of a Manhattan restaurant, the shooting at the Republican National Convention in July and the attack on the New Jersey Statehouse by two Islamic extremists.

New York has also experienced major terrorist incidents this summer, including the shooting rampage at the U.S. Capitol building and a bombing at the offices of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

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