Travelers in Texas are being warned that the state is no longer accepting travel applications from people who have not been screened for tuberculosis.

The move comes as the number of travelers admitted to Texas has risen to more than 1 million in the past two years.

On Friday, the state Department of Public Health said the state has increased screening for tuberculosis from five to 10 cases a day and that it will ask for the public’s help in verifying those who have been admitted.

The state’s public health agency said that it’s doing so “to help ensure that TB screening results do not fall short of what would be required under the CDC’s national definition of TB.”

But, according to the agency, the increase in cases is due to “laboratory and other additional testing that we are conducting” to verify that a TB patient is not in the same boat as others.

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“To date, we have tested more than 12,000 people with tuberculosis,” said Dr. Joseph Cacchieri, director of the Texas Department of State Health Services, adding that the agency has screened “many more people” over the past few weeks.

“We have found a much higher number of people with TB than we were able to at this time last year.”

Cacchiani said the increase is due in part to the “significant increase in new cases” in recent months.

“The increased number of new TB cases are a result of a number of factors,” he said.

And those people who are not currently screened, they are being tested, but we are still waiting for results to come back.” “

But a large number of the TB cases that we saw in the recent months have been due to laboratory testing.

And those people who are not currently screened, they are being tested, but we are still waiting for results to come back.”

The Texas Department on Aging, which is overseeing the state TB program, said that the new guidelines would not be in place for a while.

“As long as we have a system in place to help ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and staff, we will continue to test and screen people who need it,” said department spokeswoman Andrea Miller.

The department said that if people who do not have the appropriate test results are found to be TB positive, the person will be put on a waiting list to receive the test.

In addition to screening those who do have TB, the department is also requiring that those who are already infected be tested and placed on a list of people who should be monitored for TB for several weeks.

Miller said the agency is also considering the possibility of making the list of those who may be at risk to those who would be tested, if the test results show that they are not TB positive.

“We are going to continue to monitor the people who we can get on the list and make sure that they have the opportunity to be tested,” Miller said.

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