— Thailand’s tourism industry is bracing for another tough week as it faces a storm that could leave it with limited revenue.

Travelers are expected to travel to the country for the first time in nearly two weeks as a new cold snap threatens to push up travel to a record high of about 10 million travelers.

Thailand’s government has warned tourists that their money is at stake, with many citing travel advisories as their top concern.

Thais travel agencies are offering a special “Christmas gift” of discounted tickets, while the country’s biggest tourist operator, Thai Tourism, said it was considering a blanket ban on all travel in the country until the end of February.

Thai Tourism said the measures will not affect travelers who already have tickets or have purchased them from other companies, but added it was still evaluating the impact on those who had already booked.

Thats all very well, you are a tourist, you dont need a gift to get your money’s worth, said Thijs Thijser, the head of Thailand Tourism.

The problem is, youre not really a tourist at all, Thijsoe said.

Thijsoes office in Bangkok has already seen a number of cancellations, with tourists from countries such as Britain, Ireland, and Germany all being left scrambling to find alternative travel plans.

Many are choosing to stay home this holiday season, even as Thailand’s economy recovers from a devastating recession in the wake of the pandemic.

Many hotels in the southern province of Thaichorn have already been closed as a result, while restaurants and bars have closed as well.

The government is also warning people not to get too close to tourists, warning that people are in the area at the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

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