The Irish are not known for being the least bit interested in Islamic law.

But they are now, as a result of a recent spate of travel warnings and warnings from other nations, becoming more aware of their Muslim neighbours.

As a result, a small group of people from Ireland is beginning to take note of the fact that it is increasingly difficult to travel to parts of the world where Sharia law prevails.

This is partly because many Irish people do not want to travel there.

The Irish, however, are also aware that Islamic law does not necessarily rule out the possibility that a travel warning issued by a country is being followed by the authorities.

They are also beginning to notice the increasing presence of Irish Muslims on the internet.

As such, the Irish government is now taking steps to encourage people to become aware of the possibility of travelling to places where Sharia is being implemented.

In February, the Government said that people from Northern Ireland should be told to exercise extreme caution while visiting countries that were ruled by Sharia law.

It also warned people not to go to places like Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, which it called “unlikely to have a tolerant society”.

However, the new guidance is not limited to Irish Muslims.

It is being extended to those from other countries, and the guidelines are being issued through social media and email alerts.

Irish Travellers’ Association president, Murtaza Qadri, has been urging the Irish public to become more aware about Sharia law since he first got involved in the campaign in 2014.

“It’s about time that people who want to visit these countries to learn about what’s happening with Sharia law and its impact on freedom of expression and the right to privacy and freedom of thought are informed,” Mr Qadris told The Irish Independent.

“As Muslims, we are aware that we have to keep our distance, but we need to be aware that there are places where we are under threat of Sharia law, and we need a voice to say that to the government.”

It has been a long journey for Murtaz to get the message out.

The organisation’s first campaign in 2015 was to get Irish people to inform their friends and family of the existence of Sharia Law in the Islamic world.

In 2016, it was launched with a new campaign called The Irish Travellers Alliance.

A year later, it became the Irish Traveller Association (ITA), and now it is now also a part of the Irish Travelers Alliance.

It’s been the group’s job to get people in contact with the authorities and educate them on the situation.

The ITA has been involved in various campaigns, including the ‘Travel Warning’ that has been issued by other countries.

At the end of the campaign, the ITA sent out a warning to the public that the “travel warning is a warning not an order”.

It also mentioned that the warnings were meant to be “a non-binding and voluntary warning”.

“We hope that this campaign will help inform people that if they travel to a place where Sharia has been implemented, they should be cautious,” Mr Parnell said.

“We have to remember that this is a new world that has never been seen by our ancestors, so we must understand the threat and take every measure to protect our freedom.”

The ISM has been contacted for comment.

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