NEW YORK — The first group of New Yorkers to get home after Hurricane Sandy is getting a new home.

The first family from the borough of Queens, the family from Staten Island, and the New York City Housing Authority have been living in their own apartment for the past two weeks, and they are getting used to the new surroundings.

The group, whose names have not been released, moved in late last month and is expected to be in their new home by next Tuesday.

The family from Brooklyn is staying with a friend in the Bronx.

The two families from Queens and Staten Island are each staying with one another in their apartments in Queens and in the Brooklyn boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

They will share one bedroom with the New Yorkers who live in the Manhattan apartment.

The families are the first of many families to move out of their homes as they brace for the worst weather possible. 

The New York Times reported that some of the residents are taking steps to keep them safe.

The New York Post reported that the families are staying in their rooms until the storm has passed.

The residents in Brooklyn are staying with the residents of the Brooklyn apartment.

And the families in Staten Island have taken turns sharing the shared apartment. 

New Yorkers and residents of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware have moved into their apartments as the storm moved across the country.

Many New Yorkers were forced to move from their homes due to Hurricane Irene in 2013.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said at the time that the storm would be devastating. 

“If you are a New Yorker and you are one of the people that’s been impacted by Hurricane Irenee, you’re going to have a tough time moving out of your house,” Cuomo said in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation.

“There will be some families who will need to move in, but there will also be other families who need to stay.

And so, that’s what we’re trying to make sure that the New Yorker, the New Jerseyite, and everybody else has a place to stay until the end of the storm.”

The residents are being encouraged to go about their daily lives.

Residents in New York will still have access to their own utilities, but will also have access back to their homes, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

New Yorkers will have to be at work and school on Monday to have their power restored, according the NewYork Times.

Residents of New Jersey and Delaware will also not have access.

Residents are also being asked to be on hand at their apartments.

The Associated Press reports that there are more than 3.5 million New Yorkers without power in New Jersey.

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