FALL 2018: Travel nurse salaries are at an all-time high as more and more nurses are becoming more attractive to employers. 

A total of 5,000 more nurses were hired in 2018 than in 2017. 

But there are still a lot of vacancies in some of the country’s busiest nursing centers, including the hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. 

The average salary of a nursing home nurse is now $74,000, up more than 12 percent from 2017, according to data from the National Association of Home Health and Hospitals. 

With the shortage of nursing staff, health care organizations are looking to the health professions as a way to fill the gaps, a national shortage of skilled health care workers. 

There are no shortage of nurse candidates and some are earning more than the average salary. 

For example, Dr. Mary Cavanaugh, the medical director of the University of South Florida’s Nebraska Medical Center, was recently hired by CVS Health. 

Cavanaugh has worked in the health care field for more than 25 years and is an expert in the caregiving of children and adolescents. 

Her salary was $85,000. 

However, she has only been with the hospital for a few weeks and had a long career in the medical field, which is why she is paid so much. 

“I had a wonderful time with my wife, my son, my daughter, my nephew, and my friends at the hospital,” she told ABC News. 

When she came home after her husband’s funeral, she knew she had to find a way to make ends meet. 

She decided to become a nurse because she wanted to help the nursing home staff and could see how much it would mean to them, she said. 

I want to help them be better caregivers for their children and grandchildren, Cavanaugh said.

“We have to look at this from the bottom up and look at the health of our communities, our schools, our health of our families,” she said after she was hired. 

Driscoll said she felt a sense of responsibility to help the hospital as well as the people who were there for her husband and the children. 

That sense of responsibility is why she said she was motivated to go to the nursing home and make the most of her opportunity. 

What makes her so excited? 

“My husband was a very, very skilled, highly trained, respected healthcare professional, who did so much to help the residents of our community,” she said. 

According to the National Nursing Association, Nurses make up 15 percent of all physician assistants and 6 percent of physicians. 

Nursing home nursing is the third largest industry in the United States, with $4.7 trillion in revenue in 2018, according to the National Union of Health Care Employees. 

And according to the American Association of Colleges and Employers, 80 percent of nurses are physically fit and are trained to be professionally well employed. 

It is no surprise that the demand for nurses is increasing in many states. 

So if you are considering a career in nursing, check out this advice from the National Association for Nursing Education. 

This is what your family needs to know about being a nurse.

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