The European Union will implement a new system for issuing travel documents in Europe this week after the bloc’s executive agreed to a new set of rules to combat fraud.

The new system, which will be introduced on Friday, will require all EU countries to register all foreign visitors and allow all foreigners to stay for up to 90 days without restrictions.

A new system of biometric passport control will also be introduced, similar to a system introduced in Australia, the EU’s executive said in a statement.

It said the new system would not be a panacea for the issue of fraud, but was meant to provide a “more efficient and more secure” travel experience for all European citizens.

European Union executive says biometric passports will make travel more secure article The EU executive said the biometric system was needed because “the number of fraudulent documents and the number of fraudsters in Europe has grown exponentially”.

“We need to make sure that our citizens are not vulnerable to fraud and to make the system more efficient,” the executive said.

The European Commission will also set up a new European border control agency to combat fake passports.

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