Trump has been in Illinois since Friday night, when the first travel ban was issued, to announce the changes.

The President has been traveling to Illinois and Illinois is now the first state to go back to enforcing its ban.

The first day of a 90-day suspension of the immigration ban was also extended to Wednesday and Wednesday extension of the suspension to Friday.

The suspension ends on January 3.

Trump has been issuing travel bans to some Muslim-majority countries, including the U.K., which is one of the states that is currently in the middle of a travel ban.

On Wednesday, the U,S.

Treasury Department issued a statement saying the suspension of immigration restrictions in the United States and in other countries in Europe and the Middle East will end on January 2.

The statement said it “does not contemplate the issuance of any new travel or visa restrictions.”

It was the first time the United Kingdom has been allowed to return to enforcing the original ban.

The move comes after Trump said in May that the U.,S.

would not return to imposing the ban, saying that it was going to “never happen.”

The travel ban has been a flashpoint in the heated presidential race.

Trump has threatened to withdraw the U in response to criticism he was using the ban as a political tool.

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