LAS VEGAS — It can be hard to take your luggage off the plane.

It’s not a case of just letting the bags go and then getting them on the plane and flying.

You have to make sure your luggage is secure and you can’t leave it unattended.

And if you’re flying for a few weeks, you may want to pack your suitcase to help keep the air tight while you’re traveling.

The TSA says travelers who travel in luggage must wear a shoulder harness to help secure their luggage.

The harness can’t be used for more than 30 minutes.

The TSA also says luggage must be in an upright position, and it must be securely fastened to the back of the luggage bag when not in use.

It also says passengers must be able to safely remove their luggage from their bags, and not let their luggage move during the take-off, landing or transit.

It also says they must be prepared to change bags when the luggage is not needed.

You can’t use your own luggage on a plane, the TSA says.

You’ll have to take it with you on the flight, and when it’s in use, you can bring it with or without your checked luggage.

Travelers who travel on their own can still be arrested if they’re found to be using their own luggage.

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