‘It’s a very scary thing’: Irish students say they’re scared about being forced to study abroad

‘It was terrifying,’ one Irish student told the Irish Independent.‘I’m from Ireland and I was born here and I have to study here.I don’t want to come here.’‘I feel like we’re all at risk now, that we’re in danger of losing our jobs.We’re all worried about our jobs and our lives.‘There are people who work in universities who feel the […]

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When do the rules apply to international travel?

Travel restrictions in the US are beginning to apply to Canadians and other foreign visitors.For Canadians, for example, the first day of your passport must be your birthday and your last date of birth must be on or before March 3.And the government is no longer accepting applications from people who have been abroad longer than a month.The US Department […]

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How to get a passport for a non-European passport (AAP)

Australia’s passport application system is still struggling to cope with the huge numbers of non-Australians applying for citizenship applications.Photo: Rohan Thomson/AAPThe Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) says that it has received more than 13,000 applications for non-Australian passports since it began issuing passports in 2010.But, despite the high volume, there are still issues to sort out.Mr Hughes […]

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