Posted August 09, 2018 19:27:03The Australian government has extended the Marriot travel advisory for Tuesday.

The advisory has been in place since June 21, and is intended to help travellers planning to travel to and from New Zealand, Australia and the US on Tuesday.

Australia’s Marriott Travel Advisory is the country’s travel safety and security guidance.

It has been implemented since September 3, 2019.

“Australia’s National Travel Alert has been lifted for Tuesday, with travel advised to be prepared for strong winds, heavy rain and potentially hazardous weather conditions,” the Travel Industry Association (TIA) said in a statement.

The TIA also said that Marriot customers were advised to follow the advice of their travel agent.

“We recommend that travellers planning their visit to Australia follow all travel advice issued by the Marriott Group,” the statement said.

The advisory will remain in effect until the threat to life and property is reduced.

TIA said that travellers will have access to the Marromaster Travel Advisory for 24 hours, starting at 9am on Tuesday, August 10.

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, it’s recommended you take extra precautions, and if you need assistance in navigating the restrictions, you can call 1800 ABC ABC Canberra.

The Marriot Guide to Australia has also been updated with more information.

It has been updated to reflect the Marvell Travel Advisory, as well as information about the Marriots new flight to the US.

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