A travel guide to the world’s most beautiful, colorful, and expensive cities, based on research by The Jerusalem Times.

This travel guide has been published by The Times since 2003. 


New York City (New York City Travel) 2.

Venice, Italy (Venice Travel) 3.

Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona Travel) 4.

Milan, Italy (Barcelona Tourism) 5.

Paris, France (Paris Travel) 6.

Moscow, Russia (Moscow Travel) 7.

Istanbul, Turkey (Taksim Travel) 8.

Athens, Greece (Kalymnos Travel) 9.

Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Travel) 10.

Berlin, Germany (Berlin Travel) 11.

Brussels, Belgium (Brussels Travel) 12.

Munich, Germany (Munich Travel) 13.

London, UK (London Travel) 14.

Berlin (Berlin Tourism) 15.

Rome, Italy(Rome Travel) 16.

Budapest, Hungary (Budapest Travel) 17.

Paris (Paris Travel-Cologne) 18.

Moscow (Moscow Tourism) 19.

Istanbul (Turkey Travel) 20.

Berlin (Berliner Travel) 21.

Budapest (Budget Travel-Budestan Travel) 22.

Milan (Bologna Travel) 23.

Barcelona (Barajas Travel) 24.

Venice (Venus Travel) 25.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Amsterdam Travel) 26. Barcelona (Villa del Mar Travel) 27.

Berlin/Oslo (Berghain Travel) 28.

Moscow (St. Petersburg Travel) 29.

Tokyo (Tokyo Tourism) 30.

Munich (Bavaria Travel) 31.

Athens (Greece Travel) 32.

Barcelona/Albania (Barbados Travel-Macedonia) 33.

New Delhi (New Delhi Travel-Bangalore Travel) 34.

Beijing, China (Hangzhou Travel) 35.

Beijing/Beijing, China (Hangguan Travel-Beijing) 36.

Tokyo/Osaka, Japan (Osaka Travel-Tokyo) 37.

Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm Travel) 38.

Paris/Paris, France (Lyon Travel-Paris) 39.

Berlin-Heidelberg, Germany   (Berner Travel) 40.

Paris-Lyon, France   (Lyon Airport) 41.

Rome-Heimat, Italy   (Trico Travel-Heimbach) 42.


Petersburg, Russia   (St. Petersburg Airport) 43.

Tokyo-Kyoto, Japan   (Kyoto Airport) 44.

Copenhagen, Denmark   (Denmark Travel) 45.

Madrid-Lisbon, Spain   (Madrid Airport) 46.

Budapest-Bogota, Hungary   (Bogotá Airport) 47.

Paris – Doha, Qatar   (Dubai Airport) 48.

Amsterdam-Geneva, Netherlands   (Amersfoort Travel) 49.

London-Dubai, United Kingdom   (London-Dubah Travel) 50.

Tokyo – Hong Kong, China   (Hong Kong Airport) 51.

Berlin – Munich, Germany   (Deutsches Akademischer Halle) 52.

Tokyo (Tokyu Airport) 53.

Barcelona-Madrid, Spain (Brusillas Travel) 54.

Paris (Brasil) (Château de Paris)  55.

Berlin and Brussels-Munster, Belgium   (Germansmuseet) 56.

Paris and Madrid-Maduro, Spain    (Barcelones Travel) 57.

Istanbul-Baghdad, Iraq   (Islama-Sudan Travel ) 58.

Tokyo and Osaka-Kyotoba, Japan      (Tokya Travel-Osaka) 59.

Shanghai-Beijings, China     (Beijin Travel) 60.

Beijing-Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China  (Beijing Travel) 61.

New Haven, CT, US (New Haven Travel) 62.

Tokyo on the Yangtze River (Japan Travel) 63.

Berlin on the Rhine (Germany Travel) 64.

Paris on the Seine  (France Travel) 65.

Moscow on the Volga (Russia Travel) 66.

Berlin in Berlin   on the Rhone  and  Rhein-Main (Rheine-Main Travel) 67.

Paris in Paris  in the capital  at the end of the Rhône  River  from the end of the Seigneur-Royal  Park (Les Parc des Vosges)  to the end of the Rhône   River(Le Tourne-Rhin-Main) 68.

Berlin at the End of the Rhine River   to the

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