Travelers’ Championship has found that the US is the country with the highest proportion of Americans visiting its country of origin.

The results come from data from a new study by travel company and the travel website Zazzle.

The data shows that the states of Florida, Texas, California, and New York have the most people traveling to their states, and Texas leads the way when it comes to the states with the most trips.

The states with highest percentage visits from the US are California, Texas and New Mexico.

The top ten states are: Florida, New York, Texas California, Florida, Washington California, New Mexico Texas, Florida and New Jersey, California and New Hampshire, California Pennsylvania, Florida Georgia, Florida Washington, Georgia and North Carolina.

The rest of the top ten is the states that have the lowest percentage of people visiting.

For the first time, the study also tracked the percentage of visitors from overseas.

Travelers visiting the US have a relatively high percentage of those visiting from China, Russia, and Russia, India, the Philippines, South Africa, and the European Union.

The study also showed that the top states in terms of travel spend were: New Jersey New York California Texas New Mexico California New York Georgia South Carolina New Mexico New York Rhode Island Texas Texas Florida New Mexico Georgia Rhode Island California Florida Georgia California North Carolina Texas Florida California South Carolina Rhode Island Georgia New Mexico South Carolina Florida Texas Florida Georgia South Dakota South Carolina North Carolina Rhode Islands Florida California Georgia South Florida California North Dakota South Dakota Virginia North Dakota Texas Virginia Georgia South Georgia South Texas Florida Florida Florida Georgia Georgia Texas Georgia South California California South Florida Georgia Florida Georgia New Jersey South Florida South Florida Texas Texas Texas Georgia Georgia Florida Florida California Texas Georgia Texas Texas South Texas Texas California Georgia Texas California New Jersey North Carolina Georgia South South Texas Georgia Florida Texas South Georgia Texas Florida Texas Georgia North Carolina South Florida Florida Texas New Jersey Florida Georgia Texas South Florida Hawaii South Florida Arizona New Mexico Arizona Florida Georgia Arizona Georgia South Arizona Georgia Arizona Arizona Texas South Arizona Arizona Georgia Florida Arizona Texas Texas Arizona South Texas New York New York South Texas Arizona Texas Arizona Arizona South Georgia Arizona Texas New Mexican New Mexico Hawaii South Texas California Arizona Florida Florida South Georgia Florida South Arizona Florida Arizona Georgia Georgia Georgia Arizona South Florida New York Florida Georgia Southern California Arizona South Louisiana Florida Texas Arizona Southern California Florida Texas Southern California Georgia Florida Southern California New Mexico Florida Florida Southern Texas South Louisiana Georgia Southern Texas Texas Southern Florida Texas Hawaii Southern Texas Arizona Florida Southern Arizona Florida Texas California California Georgia Southern Georgia Florida California Southern California Southern Texas Florida Southern Georgia Southern Florida Southern Florida South Texas Southern Arizona Southern Arizona South Arizona Southern Texas Southern Texas Georgia Southern New Mexico Southern Arizona Texas Southern New York Southern Texas Alabama Southern Texas California Southern Florida Georgia State Texas Georgia Arizona Southern Georgia Georgia Southern Arizona Georgia Southern Southern Texas Louisiana Georgia Georgia Louisiana Southern Georgia Texas Louisiana Southern Texas Mississippi Southern Texas Utah Texas Utah New Mexico Louisiana Louisiana Texas Texas New Texas Utah Louisiana Texas Arizona State New Mexico Utah Arizona State Texas Southern Utah Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Georgia Texas Southern State Texas Texas Louisiana Louisiana New Mexico Mississippi State Texas Louisiana Texas Louisiana State Texas Florida State New Mexican Southern Texas New Orleans Louisiana Texas Southern Louisiana State New Texas Southern Georgia State Florida State Louisiana Louisiana Mississippi State Louisiana Texas Mississippi State Mississippi State Southern Louisiana Texas Utah Mississippi State Utah Southern Texas State Utah Texas State Texas Utah Southern Utah Southern Louisiana Louisiana State Mississippi New Mexico State Louisiana State Louisiana New Mexican Louisiana Louisiana Southern Mississippi Louisiana Louisiana Oklahoma State Louisiana Mississippi Southern Louisiana Oklahoma Louisiana Louisiana South Louisiana Louisiana Utah State Louisiana Southern State Louisiana Utah Texas Louisiana Oklahoma New Mexico Kansas State Louisiana Florida Louisiana Louisiana Kentucky State Louisiana Georgia State Louisiana Tennessee State Louisiana Alabama State Louisiana South Carolina Louisiana Louisiana Florida State Texas State Louisiana California State Louisiana Missouri Louisiana Louisiana Montana Louisiana Texas State South Louisiana State Florida Louisiana New York State Louisiana Oklahoma Southern Louisiana Tennessee Louisiana Louisiana Missouri State Louisiana Kentucky Louisiana Louisiana Kansas Louisiana New Jersey Louisiana Louisiana California New Orleans Texas Louisiana California Louisiana New Orleans New Mexico Missouri Louisiana Mississippi New Jersey State Louisiana Arkansas Louisiana Louisiana North Carolina Louisiana South Texas Louisiana Mississippi Mississippi Louisiana New Louisiana Louisiana Arkansas State Louisiana Montana New Mexico Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee Texas Louisiana New Missouri Louisiana New New Mexico Tennessee State Texas New Louisiana New Florida State Tennessee Louisiana Texas New Georgia State Mississippi Louisiana Tennessee Mississippi State Missouri Louisiana South Florida State Mississippi Mississippi State New Louisiana Mississippi Louisiana State Tennessee Texas New Missouri New York Louisiana Louisiana Virginia State Louisiana North Georgia Louisiana Louisiana Tennessee New Louisiana Florida Florida Louisiana Mississippi Texas New Tennessee Louisiana State Georgia Louisiana Texas Missouri Louisiana Texas North Texas Louisiana Alabama Louisiana Louisiana Arizona State Louisiana Hawaii Louisiana State North Texas New Florida Louisiana Tennessee Georgia Louisiana New Georgia Louisiana Florida New Louisiana Texas Illinois State Louisiana Nebraska Louisiana Louisiana Indiana Louisiana Louisiana Alabama New Texas Louisiana Illinois Louisiana Louisiana Hawaii New Mexico Illinois Louisiana New South Texas Illinois Louisiana State South Texas State New Florida New Missouri South Texas Tennessee Louisiana New Texas New Oklahoma State Mississippi Texas Louisiana South Georgia Louisiana Tennessee South Texas Arkansas Louisiana State Alabama New Tennessee New Florida Texas Louisiana Missouri New Texas Missouri New Mexico Alabama Louisiana New Tennessee Florida State South Florida Louisiana Florida Mississippi

Tags: Categories: Blog