How to travel to Europe without getting banned from one of the world’s most popular destinations

There’s no reason to panic.There are plenty of airlines in Europe that offer the same ticket as those listed here.But what about the rest?There are lots of options for getting around.Why not travel to Spain without getting fined?If you’ve been to the country, you may have already heard the term “sick cruise” thrown around, meaning that you’re on the road […]

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How to make your travel plans more efficient with travel planning app Bed | United States

If you are a travel blogger, blogger, travel photographer or travel lover, you probably spend most of your time traveling in the United States.But the country isn’t without its challenges, like the long, slow, expensive flight delays and frequent airline fees that can be a nightmare for some.But a new app called Bed can help travelers plan a trip and […]

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Why Dubai has banned domestic flights

Dubai is no stranger to restrictions and restrictions.The UAE is known for its high security, but many people in the country also believe that the ban on domestic flights to and from the UAE will lead to a reduction in the number of domestic flights.The ban on Dubai’s domestic flights is in effect until June 15, 2018, and if you […]

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