Which travel advice is right for you?

A lot of travel advice will tell you that you should plan on flying to a specific location in a certain time frame.And this is true.However, there are some things that should be considered.So let’s start by looking at what you should do if you’re looking to travel within California.What you need to know before you buy a planePassengers who […]

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How to travel safely, but not with $2,000 in your pocket

Travelers can use their trusted traveler program credit card to buy goods and services at local businesses and take them home.But, the credit card issuer should be cautious of the types of purchases that make them vulnerable to identity theft.If you’ve never had trouble getting your card renewed, check out this guide to getting the best credit card for your […]

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Hawaii travel update: The biggest news, pics, and links from this weekend’s events

The state’s tourism industry is feeling the pinch, as more travelers are looking for ways to spend less money on vacation.A new report released today by the Hawaii Travel Information Association found that travelers in Hawaii were spending $2.7 billion on their vacations last year, down from $2 of the same amount in 2015.The association said the number of holiday-makers […]

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