When US bans all non-essential travel to Europe: What you need to know

By APL KOMMERBERG The United States on Thursday banned non-emergency travel to all European countries and territories except those with “near-miss” incidents.President Donald Trump issued the directive after a series of attacks in Europe on Americans on Saturday, including the attacks on two Americans in Nice, France, and the deadly truck attack in Nice that killed 86 people.The move follows […]

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U.S. travel restrictions go into effect today

U.K. Travel Restrictions will go into full effect today, barring most flights, cruise ships, charter boats, cruise lines, and other commercial and non-commercial travel, and barring the entry of all U.I. citizens and residents.The U.N. Security Council will meet today to discuss the ban.The U.A.E. is also expected to take the lead in the U.P.E., the group of European nations […]

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