Which countries have the highest percentage of travellers?

Travelers’ Championship has found that the US is the country with the highest proportion of Americans visiting its country of origin.The results come from data from a new study by travel company Miles.com and the travel website Zazzle.The data shows that the states of Florida, Texas, California, and New York have the most people traveling to their states, and Texas […]

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Why is Mexico considering banning U.S. travel?

JACOBS, Fla.– Mexico’s Interior Ministry is considering barring U.A.E. travelers from the country, the country’s tourism agency said Friday.Miguel Angel Fernandez told reporters the Interior Ministry had been looking at the situation.“We are in discussion with our embassy and are in contact with the U.K. ambassador, and we have to do what is in the best interest of Mexico and […]

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How to plan your next vacation with Travelers Stock

The U.S. government is now warning travelers to stay away from Japan after a string of recent bomb threats in the country.Travelers in the United States and Canada have been issued travel advisories in response to the threats.The U.N. says Japan is under a “heightened level of threat,” with many people “likely to become the next targets of terrorist activities.”The […]

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