Why are California travelers banned from traveling to Thailand?

AUSTIN — For more than a decade, people in the U.S. have been traveling to Thai destinations for their own medical and family reasons, and now the restrictions are in effect for anyone who wants to travel there.The U.N. agency that oversees travel has said the ban will force some travelers to seek medical attention for diseases such as cancer […]

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When US bans all non-essential travel to Europe: What you need to know

By APL KOMMERBERG The United States on Thursday banned non-emergency travel to all European countries and territories except those with “near-miss” incidents.President Donald Trump issued the directive after a series of attacks in Europe on Americans on Saturday, including the attacks on two Americans in Nice, France, and the deadly truck attack in Nice that killed 86 people.The move follows […]

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Mass. Senate to consider $8 million in travel trailer program

The Senate is set to vote on a bill that would provide up to $8.3 million in transportation trailers to states with severe travel bottlenecks, the Associated Press reported.The Senate Finance Committee voted 8-3 Wednesday to approve the bill, which would fund up to 10 percent of the cost of transportation trailers for up to four years and allow the […]

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